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What is the Goal?  

Attendance GOAL for staff and students 96-100%.


Classroom instruction today is happening at a faster pace and looks very different that it has in the past.  Group work and collaboration have become essential to the learning process; therefore, it is difficult for a student to “make-up” work missed due to absence.

When students learn cooperatively as a group, the input from everyone in class is valuable and that input is then used when students have to complete work independently.  It is impossible to replicate that experience by simply sending a worksheet home for the student to learn the concepts.  The students who are absent miss opportunities to learn skills that can only be acquired and evaluated in a group setting.  

The curriculum requires students to respond to the learning targets multiple times each hour, and teachers are constantly asking questions and evaluating learning throughout every day of school.  In addition, we continue to incorporate more and more technology resources in our instruction that may not be available at home.

When should my child stay home?

Obviously, illnesses and emergencies happen and aren’t always avoidable.  However, absences should only happen when necessary.  If your child is free of fever and feeling a little “under-the-weather”, give school a chance. In most of those cases, the children make it through the day with no trouble.  If your child needs to go home, the nurse will call.  A few missed days per year is typical, but missing more than that can get in the way of learning.


Who can help?
We can all help!  If your child has difficulty coming to school for reasons other than an illness, call your teacher or your principal to discuss this. We can work as a team to build a plan that helps your child want to come to school and be with us all day.

How does attendance relate to our mission?  

We are setting a very high target goal to BE IN SCHOOL to meet our school mission.  Even if we fall just a little short of our goal we will still be doing well.  We want to demonstrate that our FIREBIRDS can rise to NEW HEIGHTS by being in school each and every day!