Scholastic Book Fair Wrap-up

Thank you from our librarian

Thank you so much for supporting our first Scholastic Book Fair.  It was a huge success!  One of my goals at FHE is to have each and every child make connections with books and become lifelong readers. The success of this fair demonstrates that as a school community, we all value reading and know how important it is to expose our kiddos to a wide variety of quality literature. Because of your help and support, we will be able to add $3,000 worth of books to our school library collection!  As a new school, it takes years to build a library collection and this will certainly help to fill our shelves and put more books in the hands of our students.  I also would like to send a special thank you to our parent volunteers for their assistance during the fair.  What a wonderful group of parents we have at FHE!  I am blessed! 

Mrs. Jamieson