Diversity and Disability Awareness Day
    Firebirds Celebrate Diversity and Disability Awareness Day
    Posted on 12/04/2019
    eggsFlint Hill celebrated our first Diversity and Disability Awareness Day on December 4, 2019. Student teachers Miss Buehne and Miss Stearns planned several hands-on activities to teach students what it might be like to have a physical challenge such as a vision or hearing impairment and also an engaging egg activity. Students studied eggs in a variety of colors, courtesy of Mrs. Bauer's chickens, and identified ways the eggs were different (color of shell, bumpy vs. smooth, spotted, etc.) and then cracked the eggs to take a look inside. Do you know what they found? Inside, the eggs are "eggs-actly" the same! Students reflected on how the eggs are like people- we may look different on the outside, but on the inside we all have feelings, hopes, dreams, and want to be loved and accepted. We hope that this egg-citing day helped open up some good conversations among our students and staff. We are grateful that Mr. Juan Wilson, the Fort Zumwalt Coordinator of Diversity and Awareness, joined in on the conversation and led students through activities designed to celebrate our unique traits.