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The vision for the Flint Hill Elementary Library is to facilitate a library and technology program where all students and staff are encouraged to be readers, learners, creators, and collaborators.

At the Flint Hill Elementary Library:

1) Technology is infused in the library program so students may connect with experts around the world, share and publish their work, and solve real world problems while practicing the skills necessary to be safe and responsible citizens in the digital world.
2)  Teachers and librarian collaborate to address information literacy skills so they are embedded in rich, project-based learning experiences.
3) Students have opportunities to ask questions, be curious, explore ideas, and create.
4) Reading for enjoyment is valued and celebrated, and as such students are free to select books for independent reading based on their interests, passions, and pursuit of knowledge.
5) Students and staff communicate what they read in a variety of ways to inspire a love of reading and motivate one another to grow as readers.
6) The library is designed with flexible spaces and abundant opportunities for collaboration and innovation to engage and empower learners in the 21st century.

Please click here to access the FHE Library website!